Environmentally Friendly

Nature is of great importance to us too, specifically protecting and preserving our UK wildlife and we’ve found ways to nurture wildlife across all of our developments.

Local wildlife residents

We take pride in our conservation efforts for endangered species including carefully planned rehoming initiatives for local badger communities. We have a development in Fairlight where we are proposing avoiding any disruption to a badger sett that have been residents there for over 70 years!

Helping save the British honeybee by landscaping our green areas with bee-friendly plants and flowers like English lavender and by making green spaces more wildlife friendly with the right planting for the area, trees, shrubs and climbing plants helps support and encourage  local wildlife. 

We take care to locate and protect slow worms which are a regular feature on developmenl sites and work closely with our arboriculturist for the protection of trees and planting of sustainable species, suitable to the local area to sustain the wildlife there.